Cutting-edge expertise

Our goal at Cravanzola & Veglio is to provide productive solutions. We achieve it by combining technological innovation with timely response to our customers’ expectations. It’s the only way possible to optimize production and and remain at the forefront, making our banner efficiency and competitiveness. To achieve this goal, Cravanzola & Veglio is based on two essential principles: attention to customer needs and the expertise of its technicians.

Cravanzola & Veglio operates a well-equipped computer numerical control machine shop to produce mechanical components, as well as a department to manufacture metalwork with sheet metal cutting and bending machines. With this equipment we can ensure a flexible response to the needs of a continually evolving market; since we can handle production jobs on behalf of third parties, and also design and build small, medium and large installations. Adaptability is what makes changes become opportunities to improve and thus achieve maximum productivity and efficiency.